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Types of workshops


There are many different kinds of workshops available. Depending on your needs, budget, size of group, location etc, it is possible to come up with a tailor made plan to suit you.

Below is an explanation of some of the types of workshop/ project that I can offer, though it is by no means a full list, so if you can't see what you want, then please contact me with your idea, and we can discuss whether or not I can meet your needs.



Mosaics can be made with groups for display indoors or outside. They can be made from frost-proof ceramic tiles,glass mosaic tiles, or a combination of both. Glass marbles, pieces of mirror, cast or engraved metal and plywood shapes or letters can also be integrated into the design. I have worked with groups to create mosaics on many different themes, and for use as signs. Mosaics can either be made on a plywood base for wall mounting or set into concrete and combined with casting,and laid into the ground as stepping stones or garden features.

Shadow puppets

Shadow puppets

Shadow puppetry is a magic art- it is not what is there behind the screen, it's the shadow that it casts that is seen. For this reason creating shadow puppets to tell a tale is fairly quick and easy for most ages and abilities- the puppets don't have to be works of art in themselves , it is the shadows they cast and the images they create that counts. Performing with shadow puppets, although still an art that needs practice, is less daunting than up-front performance to an audience, and often more magical for the viewer. Shadow puppet workshops can be one off making sessions for people to take their puppets home and experiment, or they can be part of a longer term project that culminates in a performance by the participants. In the latter case, other skills, such as music to accompany the show, directing, lighting skills, and scrip/scenario writing, would also be a part of the work with the group.



There are many different types of masks to be made, from simple flat cardboard masks, to full head papier mache masks built up from a clay-sculpted base. They can be decorative, fun, or made as part of the costume for characters in a performance. Dependant on your time scale and requirements, their are bound to be masks to suit your group- please contact me for discussion and more details .


Lanterns and Lantern parades

I make lanterns out of green garden sticks, bamboos, withies (willow) and parchment paper. They can either be made in sculpted shapes, from boats to rockets, to mermaids or flowers; or in smaller geometric shapes such as pyramids, cubes, stars etc They can be decorated with coloured tissue paper, and black paper silhouettes, or left plain to glow with the light from within. The lanterns are usually lit with candles , securely fastened inside, but can also be lit with small battery packs and bulbs. Lantern parades are a wonderful way of finishing a celebration, and also for the winter months to bring light and cheer to an event. They can also be used as a way of guding and lighting a group or audience along a route. On any lantern parade a full risk assesment will be given, fire procedures and appropriate clothing and footwear discussed with participants, and stewards will need to be present to ensure the safety of the group.