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So What is This About?


During my course of my freelance work I have been involved in a large number of events ranging from small community festivals, processions, Council events, and a number of outdoor festivals including running the Under 5's tent in the Kidz field at Glastonbury. Every experience is different and draws on a wide range of skills.

The following , detailed options are just some of the many available to festival organisers. Also available are options such as wand and wing making workshops, kites, hats, mask making, puppet making, shadow puppets, parades, banner and flag making , costumes,

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas , or to ask me for mine, as workshops can be tailor made to each specific festival.


Story gardens

The Story Garden is a beautiful, interactive,magical and inspirational garden where anyone can create or tell stories.

During workshop times, from small pools of water, people can select at random, stones with words (characters, objects, actions,) written on them, with which they can physically build a story.

The element of surprise in the garden is magical - The act of dipping into the pools is like a wishing well or like the I-ching or rune stones- you never know what you will get.

Whenever the storyteller gets stuck, or needs an added twist to the tale, they can simply delve into the pools and select some more Story Stones.

The garden is accessible to all ages to create their own stories, it provides a lovely space for parents and children to get together and learn to tell stories.

Outside workshop time, it is an ambient space to sit and listen, where storytellers of all abilities can read out/ tell the stories they have discovered, to others, if they wish.

The story garden also comes alive by night as it is lit by lanterns and candles and will be open as a chill out space for people to use.

The garden can be re-created in most outdoor venues providing there is at least one day prior to the event in which to set up, and one day afterwards to deconstruct. It is a lovely way of adding a feel of permenance and calm to a festival site.

So What is This About?

Sensory gardens




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