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How to book us

What kind of project / work?

There are many different options available, and if you are not sure what may be best for you then I am happy to speak with you about your ideas for a project, prepare proposals, or attend consultation meetings.

If you know what you want and just want a price then the guide below should give an indication of cost, although if you have any further questions or require a quote then please contact me about it.



Each project is individual and needs time taken to plan how much time will be spent on management, workshops etc The following prices are a general guide, but quotes will be given for all work prior to a contract, so that both parties can agree. If you have a specific budget then I can help you to work out exactly what is available for that amount.

Workshops: full day: £200
half day: £100
Staff training day : £200-250
Project management fee: £dependant of size / length of project
Installation of work per day: £100
Preparation/ finishing off per day : £100
Meetings per hour : £25.00
Materials are extra and are wholly dependant upon the nature of the project, size of the group etc.
In some cases I may charge travel expenses.
Please note project management fee is only applicable when I am managing the project and not when I am just running workshops.



In some cases I may be able to help with grant applications. I have in the past managed to help secure funding for groups from the National Lottery Awards for All fund, and from a Community Regeneration fund.


How to book

To arrange work please write to me at the above address, phone me, or use the contact form and I will endevour to reply within the next day. If you could include details of location, budget, and nature of project as well as preferred dates it will help speed up the process.